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The Wing's Ground Training Officer is responsible for all aspects of ground training from classification exams to training courses to planning and organising the Wing Training weekend where many of the "blues" competitions such as drill, banner and smartest squadron take place.

Classification Training

During their time in the ATC cadets study a number of aviation related subjects starting at a fairly board basic level and progressing to more specialized study of in depth and more complex subjects, some of which have much in common with 'A' level physics. Initial training of cadets to first class standard should take three to four months, following that each subsequent level should require six to nine months of training, therefore it should take a cadet three to four years to qualify as staff cadets. Summarized below are the requirements for progressing through the training syllabus and the classification badges worn by cadets. Cadets only where the badge that is appropriate to their current classification with staff cadets wearing the prestigious yellow lanyard and no classification badges.


West Mercian Wing cadets have the opportunity to work towards three vocational qualifications in the form of BTECs in Public Services, Aviation Studies and Music; a further diploma in First Aid is to be added to the training syllabus in the near future. All of the BTEC diplomas offered are free to cadets and require little or no extra effort by the cadet or their squadron commander.

BTEC First Diploma in Public Services

The BTEC First Diploma in Public Services is the equivalent of four GCSEs at grades A* to C and is available to all cadets who turn 16 during the current academic year, that is they are currently in year 11. In order to qualify for the BTEC cadets must complete a number of modules, the majority of which can be accomplished by undertaking normal ATC activities such as gliding courses, expeditions and residential camps. The good news is that almost any activity from the point of joining the organization can count towards the qualification and unlike the BTEC in Aviation Studies it is completely free. To enroll complete an application form, which can be downloaded by clicking on the link below or obtained through your squadron commander, and return it to your unit's BTEC officer. For more information visit www.cvqo.co.uk.

BTEC in Aviation Studies

The BTEC in Aviation Studies is the equivalent of 1 GCSE at grade A* to C and is available to all cadets who have passed their Staff Part 1 examination in the last two years. Squadron Commanders should obtain a batch registration form from Wing Headquarters, complete it and return it with a payment of £29.00 for each candidate along with their RAF F3521A (ATC Examination Record Card)

BTEC in Music

West Mercian Wing is now offering cadets with an interest in music the opportunity to earn an additional vocational qualification equivalent to 4 GCSE grade A* to C with the BTEC in Music.

The BTEC in music has been designed to develop a basic understanding of music as a profession and combines both technical skills and practical elements and research.

Upon completion, cadets will have demonstrated an understanding of all aspects of performance including solo and ensemble work and how to manage rehearsals. They will also learn how to market, budget, advertise, programme and publicise a music event. Cadets are expected to be able to play a musical instrument before enrolling on the course but do not need to be able to read music.


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